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We Work to Make Your Apartment’ Selling Price Higher

Tips for Gold Coast Apartments Sellers

We Advertise Your Apartment for SALE

To Create Maximum of Awareness

And Drive a Number of Enquiries Up

  • Professional photoshoot of your apartment with 25 photos to use for ads creation and listing presentations
  • We produce a video of your apartment, make a few video ads to promote your apartment on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Google & Bing search ads to target international & Australian prospective apartment buyers
  • Google Display Banners – To show your apartment to all prospective buyers even when they are not yet thinking about buying
  • Facebook banner ads – we create viral ads to make people interested in your apartment & share ad posts

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We list your apartment for sale using following platforms

10 Australian Property Listing Websites for maximum exposure

We install local signboards to attract local interest

We distribute flyers through the suburbs of Gold Coast

We advertise your apartment for sale using newspapers and magazines.

How to Sell Your Luxury Gold Coast Apartment?

Did you know Gold Coast apartments don’t sell fast due to a single reason

Called – Distraction?

This post alone can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your apartment Sale.

This real story of A Gold Coast apartment owner happens every day

A Gold Coast apartment owner (let’s imagine you live in Sydney) decides to sell and lists the apartment for sale. To make the story more realistic imagine our prospective buyer happens to live let’s say in Auckland (New Zealand).

Our New Zealand prospect browses through many listings, finds yours and unexpectedly gets distracted… (can be kids, a husband or a friend:-)). Later comes back to the screen. Starts to look at a different Gold Coast apartment, making a conclusion that the previous (imagine yours) Gold Coast apartment “is not good”.

Unfortunately for you, your apartment was not saved as a “favorite”. It can mean different things. For instance, an additional mortgage payment or even dealing with the person you do not even want to talk to…We all “Buy and Sell” apartments for different reasons…
Would you agree- this is a typical scenario- right? Let me continue with the story…

By that stage, you as an owner of a Gold Coast apartment do not have any means to show your apartment (again) to the same prospect.  Neither your “classic” real estate salesperson. Unless your prospect accidentally comes back to your apartment listing ad which is highly unlikely. Most importantly even your prospective buyer comes back – the “first impression magic” is no longer there, it is like a second date by now you already like this apartment or kind of considering other options. Would you agree there are plenty of apartments for sale(?) and all of them your competition.

We have a solution and let us explain what we can do.

There are plenty of apartments on the Gold Coast to “fall in love” with. Yet as we all know the first impression always counts. Let us show how to create the right one.

Our solution to Sell Your Luxury Gold Coast Apartment

We create an absolutely gorgeous FREE Website to showcase your apartment to overseas and Australian buyers. This free website is going to do wonders for you and let us show how:

  1. Our marketing team creates ads to drive prospective buyers to this website (Real Marketing) – leaving ALL Competition behind. We show your apartment to people using Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram with display-banners, search and video ads.
  2. We show your apartment ads to people in accordance with their income, interests, and ability to buy.
  3. In addition, we list your apartment for sale on ALL major Australian websites. We create ads copies to advise your prospective buyers about your standalone website for your apartment. This drives additional prospective buyers to your dedicated website. Once again to show your luxury Gold Coast apartment is “For Sale”.
  4. We remarket (this is real magic) your apartment to the same group of people – who would have already seen it using “Remarketing”. Message repetition works with every offer on the market – you watch & listen to repetitive ads every day with the only difference – in this instance, it is your apartment which is shown again and again to people who were genuinely interested in YOUR apartment and most importantly can afford to buy it.

Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram all help us to show your apartment again and again. Until someone eventually is going to buy your Gold Coast apartment- this is how we market your apartment FOR SALE.

Keep in mind without a dedicated website – this option is not available. Yet it’s recommendable for all apartments owners.

We specifically target people with LUXURY Real Estate Needs and Wants.

Join us on the internet

How Much is my Apartment Worth

You provide us with your apartment address, your name, email and mobile phone number by completing a simple form below.

Your report includes:

“Sold Prices” of similar apartments grouped by a building, street, and a suburb. We compare apartments with similar attributes like a number of bathrooms, bedrooms, size.

“On the market” list contains all current properties on the market.

A number of days on the market, and a snapshot of the suburb’ apartment supply and demand.

We are going to contact you to ensure that all provided information is helpful. All your possible questions are fully answered.

Our team includes:

How we work:

Our features

Get your apartment Market Appraisal. It's designed to help apartment owners with up-to-date local information. All we need is your apartment address and your name, email, and mobile phone number. Complete a simple form below.

Your report includes: “Sold Prices” of similar apartments grouped by a building, street, and a suburb. We compare apartments with similar attributes like a number of bathrooms, bedrooms, size. “On the market” list contains all properties currently on the market with similar attributes. A number of days on the market- this helps to set right expectations. In addition a snapshot of the suburb’ apartment supply and demand- to understand current local trend.

We are going to contact you to ensure that you are happy with the received information and it is helpful. All your possible questions are fully answered. We value your time this is the only resource which cannot be replenished.

Are you a developer and want to sell a few apartments?

We can help you to find a “sweet spot” for your apartment’ pricing strategy. This is “a pay for play” service.

We have developed this service to assist companies and individuals in the following way:

“Deep field pricing vs demand analysis” – means no more lucky guesses – only hard analytical data.

  1. We create a virtual apartment and put it for price testing “sensitivity analysis” on an individual website with a specific disclaimer to avoid unfulfilled expectations.
  2. We target buyers – specifically to avoid uneducated responses.
  3. Our pricing offer is made specifically to register public interest in price in accordance to a number of bedrooms and specific design features.
  4. We collect all responses recording all interests.
  5. We analyse all data and report it to you.

Cannot sell your apartment for a long time?

Your agent recommends a significant price reduction?

Get a second opinion

Absolutely FREE and without any obligations.

We will check your existing marketing strategy of your apartment.
Provide you with our report outlining existing marketing methods, platforms and even recommendable ad copies.
Don’t LOWER Price of your apartment without talking to US.


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