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Broadbeach Apartments

Broadbeach Apartments let’s discuss them in depth

For those of you who don’t know it for some unknown reason, Broadbeach is a suburb of the City of Gold CoastQueensland, Australia.

Imagine a place on our planet with the most beautiful coastline(that’s right). Plus abundant dining alternatives (imagine like everyone wants to have a night out). Think of buzzing nightlife (all types of activities- that’s right). Excellent shopping (I mean to tell you the truth this is what my wife says about shopping – this type of activity makes me go home as soon as practical).  All of it in an area of a few city blocks in the minor center of Gold Coast.

Broadbeach offers something special for everyone and in order for you to see it all, you would really have to spend a considerable amount of time.

Advantages of Broadbeach Apartments

Location and surroundings of Broadbeach Apartments are the main advantages. Let’s start with the golden (Gold Coast right) sand beaches which are among Australia’s finest.  There are parks with many playgrounds, open spaces, barbecue facilities for you to enjoy- keep in mind all of is free for you to use (the reason I mention it there are places on our planet where you would have to pay to access a beach).

Units Broadbeach

Only a few years ago revamped “Pacific Fair Shopping Centre” is only minutes away (This is one of my favorite shopping destinations – I mean if I have to go through torture at least this one looks good).Exhibition Centre for you to learn a thing or two.

Jupiters Casino (please gamble responsibly) this place is home to many award-winning restaurants and extravagant bars as well as stage shows. If you have not guessed it yet there is a 24-hour casino. All of it next to the new modern light rail route for your convenience. If you love architecture views and enjoy what nature provides us with multiplied by hefty bank accounts there are some truly amazingly memorable waterfront homes located on the canal for you to look at.

Broadbeach Waters Apartments

Interestingly Broadbeach Waters attracts slightly older people to compare to Broadbeach with a bigger household size.

Broadbeach Waters integrates several canal fancy estates with really prime properties. They were established from the 1960s to the 1980s. See it for yourself and Google Miami Keys or Florida Gardens, there is even Rio Vista and Cypress Gardens. Interestingly all of them were named by estates developers for marketing purposes to make it attractive for buyers.

Total Population

4613 (Broadbeach)                                  7534 (Broadbeach Waters)

Median Age 37                                         Median Age 42

Average Household Size                          Average Household Size

1.8                                                                2.5

Median House Price                                 Median House Price

$1,105,000                                                $1,080,000

Median Unit Price                                     Median Unit Price

$520,000                                                $ 452,500

Days on market  91                                  Days on market  78

Median unit rental price                       Median unit rental price

$410                                                                     $435

Watch the video below – it is about all suburbs of Gold Coast and real nice part starts from 55 seconds



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