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Paradise Point

Paradise Point is a FANTASTIC place to live or to visit…and even better if you a landlord with a few properties here.

It is a wealthy beachside suburb on the Gold Coast in QueenslandAustralia. 

Paradise Point is a modern small neighborhood of people who value what life has got to offer. Interestingly when you are here life is literally a lot better perception wise and expected outcomes look brighter.

There is plenty of holiday accommodation owned by absentee owners. There is also a growing number of prestige water-front architecturally designed homes.
Paradise Point is a great suburb for everyone. If you have a family there are parks which are well kept, plenty of fantastic walks or even bike rides for you and for your small ones. The suburb is full of great cafes and restaurants. It is pulsing with energy. It’s an Ideal location and most importantly it’s central to all shopping spots and venues.

Paradise Point neighboring suburbs are:

Sovereign Islands, it is a luxury canal-style residential development at Northern point off Paradise Point. It’s accessible by the bridge and road named the Sovereign Mile even drive through the area lifts your perception is life and all of a sudden you want to achieve more in life.

Ephraim Island is positioned at the southern end of a prestigious Island development joined to Paradise Point by the bridge via Falkinder Avenue. Ephraim Island is a stand-alone island with no through traffic, imagine or even better experience it.

Paradise Point Village shops on the esplanade include a post office if you want to post a card, a newsagent where you can buy local newspapers and magazines, medical clinic of local doctors, in other words, there is everything that you could possibly need.

This also applies to paradise point shopping district which can be difficult to park but the area has everything you could want.

Imagine no road noise, no traffic to watch out, only birds signing and kids laughter and WAVES create that Paradise like atmosphere.

Paradise Point has the best views

Total Population 5930

Median Age 47

Average Household Size 2.3

Median House Price $1,050,000

Median Unit Price $768,750

Days on market 102

Median Unit rental price $460

Median House rental price $750

Australian Bureau of Statistics

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