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How-To Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast

Since you clicked on this title you want to know “How-to Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast”?

May I ask you when you say “I need to Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast” what “Fast means for you? How fast do you need your unit to be sold? If you are going to put your unit on the market today for a right price and with the right marketing campaign you should be able to sell it in the next couple of months. Would that be fast enough for you? Keep in mind your unit must be a buyer ready. Meaning if you really want to get the best possible market price it should look pristine.

Alternatively, you can put your unit for sale in “as is” condition and yet be ready to sell it once someone likes it. Often it means you are going to get a number of offers not necessary one higher than the other it only means you are going to get offers from people who somehow see “potential” in your property.

Finally and I guess this is exactly what you are looking for – we can and we want to buy your unit.

How-To Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast?

Call us now to discuss your unit. Or complete the form below to get in touch with us.

We need to know the address of your unit.

Once we talk we want to know – do you currently have your unit tenanted? How good is your tenant? Would the tenant be willing to stay or not? Or even (often) possible the tenant is the actual reason for the sale… In short – we need to talk to you about your unit.

Yet, as you would appreciate we don’t always buy what is available and we are not a buyer of last resort. Our team works with property investors from all over the country and we can buy today, provided you are happy with our offer or we are happy with your unit.

We help to sell fast by offering a market fair price today.

When you contact us and we discuss your property we offer a market comparison report. Our market comparison report based on current local data. The report is going to show you what is available on the market today. We think it helps both parties – people who want to sell and people who want to buy.

Would you agree with the following some people put their property on the market with the hope that there is going to be someone who would buy their unit due to emotional connection?  Or some other strange reason. We, however, buy real estate for investment purposes- we work with people who are cash ready today and by presenting them your property we know they can offer you a cash offer today.

How to sell my unit for the right price?

We offer a market comparison report to ensure you know that you sell for the right price. Our buyers buy your property fully aware they buy for the right price. Yet the difference is they buy from you today. We use real estate data from Pricefinder.

For example Robina, Gold Coast 4226. During 2018 only 282 units were sold in Robina. This is 70% less to compare to 2017. Back in 2017, the number of sold units was 445.

How-to Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast

How-to Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast

Would you agree if your unit is located in Robina you can in fact clearly see the market trend? Somehow people don’t see the advantage of owning a Robina unit.

Back in 2017 Robina units went up in price by 5.7% to compare to 2016 yet 2018 “helped” Robina units to go down in value by 1.1%

People who buy properties today do so due to their goals. Your goal, however, is to sell and if you want to sell today call now or complete the form below.

How-to sell unit fast

How-to Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast

We check your property and you get our cash offer today.

Would you want to work with people who value your time? This is how we work once you contact us:

We discuss your property.

Once we inspect your property you get a cash offer. From us or from one of our buyers.

You decide when you want to complete the settlement. Please ask if you need a “released” deposit today.

As we all know, life happens and if you need money today we can do it too, yet you have to tell us.

Your unit condition and situation don’t matter

We buy “as is”. You won’t even need to think about real estate commissions or “open homes”. 

Once we inspect your property and you accept our offer we submit our sales agreement to lawyers.

How-to Sell Gold Coast Unit Fast

Aims at a quick introduction for all parties. Basically, it looks as: you want to sell fast and we want to buy a property, in order for us to start talking you have to do only one step:

  1. You call Vlad Ivanov 0484330760
  2. you complete the form below and we call you.

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