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Why apartment owners choose Vlad Ivanov value-adding services?

Value-adding services are steps to make your apartment to be sold for more.

Vlad Ivanov’ team provides apartment owners with value-adding services.

Do you want to sell your apartment for a right price in a short period of time? Or want to increase the amount of rent your apartment gets?

Does your apartment need some care, love & tender?

According to market statistics: a good looking apartment attracts better buyers and typically prospective buyers willing to pay more.

4 conditions of Gold Coast apartments:

Would you agree an apartment with fresh paint, new carpets, and a modern color marble top is going to position itself in a different category to compare to other apartments on the market? This is why we offer value-adding services to our Gold Coast apartment owners.

2 Free value-adding services we provide

It is an easily achievable goal: We help our clients to make their apartment look better by providing value-adding services, such as:

  1. Free of charge we provide you with our designer recommendations about how to make your apartment look modern.
  2. We collect, organize and present to you quotes from tradespeople
    • Painters
    • Carpet layers
    • Cabinetmakers
    • Blinds manufacturers
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians

All those tradespeople are going to help you to make your apartment look better and subsequently sell for more.

How to collect higher rental fees for your Gold Coast apartment? Do you want to rent out your apartment for more money?

apartment adding value service

value-adding services make your apartment to look new again

Let’s discuss what we do better: Vlad Ivanov property management services incorporate maintenance and refurbishment of your apartment as value-adding services and usually complete without any rental income losses.

We have our trusted network of tradespeople who can attend to any even an urgent matter and who stand by their quality work. Our recommended tradespeople have a broad range of experience in project maintenance from small to major developments.

Property management value-adding services

Our team aims at “0” vacancy period in your apartment. We do it by scheduling your tenants back to back and by working on weekends.

Our property management service includes timely reports and provides you the apartment owner with all necessary maintenance requirements. All issues with your apartment typically discussed with you first for an approval. Whether it’s a very small issue or an improvement, or a full renovation we arrange qualified tradespeople to attend to the needs of your investment and help you to make a calculative right decision.

By overseeing all works on a daily basis and liaising with tenants, tradespeople, and other stakeholders such as Body Corporates to ensure all required work is completed to high standards and as quoted.

As by QLD & AU law, we attend and provide you the apartment owner with quarterly inspection reports. Our reports include full & detailed photographs to ensure you are in control of your apartment condition. We email or post your apartment inspection reports to you within 24 hours of the inspection. This is to ensure prompt delivery of up to date information.

Your satisfaction is paramount

All lease renewals are raised with owners for instructions first. Our lease renewal process includes free market rental appraisals and recommendations in order to provide you with up-to-date market information.

value-adding services

value-adding services – replace an old kitchen

We always make an effort to achieve the appropriate rent for our owners to ensure the property is attaining the optimum return on your investment without risk of prolonged vacancy.

Ultimately we aim to provide you (our property owners) with the highest level of service and advise to assist you to reach your property investment goals. We help you to have more investment apartments by doing our part of taking care of your investment.

Is your apartment looked after by a different company? Are you not happy with the level of service you get for your money?

We are happy to provide you with a huge discount on our services just to let you try. Please see it as a deal sweetener to make you happy.


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