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Apartment Marketing Team

Our Apartment Marketing Team includes following specialists:

2 property designers – we know how to make your apartment LOOK better and Sell for more. If your apartment needs a refreshing touch – we do it professionally. No more guesswork – you are going to receive a full plan including even pictures of how your apartment is going to look like after refurbishment process is finished.

Our team includes a web designer to make that fabulous website to showcase your Gold Coast apartment. In our view, real estate marketplace is too crowded. There is only one way to make your apartment to stand out – is to have an individual website to show it to prospective buyers. Most importantly this is the only way how we can use remarketing in order to show your apartment again to people.

A videographer to make beautiful videos of your apartment. Would you agree photos are simply not enough right? They just don’t do the justice anymore. People want to experience a real show and as we all know only video can provide this experience.

2 YouTube and Google AdWords Specialists to create & monitor digital advertising of your apartment marketing. Realistically the Internet has provided us with the ability to market your apartment to someone in Melbourne and or Sydney and Perth simultaneously. The best part is that you only pay for real advertising. Meaning you ONLY pay to show your apartment to people who want to see it. Think about it. 15 years ago you would have to run simultaneous advertising in all those places and pay for all of it.

Our team is managed by a licensed Real Estate Agent -Vlad Ivanov.

Want more proof? We are so confident with our marketing knowledge to the point where we even happy to back up our offer with a FREE APARTMENT Marketing package-  read more by clicking on this link.

Advantages of using our Apartment Marketing Team to sell your apartment

Once we sign all the paperwork and start to work with your apartment you are going to receive a marketing plan for your apartment.

Each apartment is unique this is why a cookie-cutter approach not always works.

Our apartment marketing plan typically consists of:

  1. Target audiences. For instance, your apartment can be attractive to high earners (executives) who would buy your apartment in order to have it and be able to use it from time to time. Using Google, Bing and Facebook target audiences we can pinpoint people exactly in the desired slice of society.
  2. We are going to develop specific marketing campaigns using a number of ads.
  3. We create a number of specific display and video ads to advertise your apartment.
  4. Organise a professional photo shoot of your apartment. Australian property listing websites only allow to load up to 25 photos – we normally have a few times more to use for ads.
  5. Apartment videos ads. At least one for Google & Yahoo and the second to use with Facebook and Instagram advertising. We prefer to have a few video ads for rotation. Videos get burned out as ads and this is why we like to have a few options.
  6. Advertising banners for Google & Yahoo – we use photos of your apartment to create display ads.
  7. Advertising Banners for Facebook Advertising. Even in 2018 videos work much better yet we still use news feed ads on the platform.
  8. Bing Advertising Campaigns – Display banners.
  9. Bing Advertising Campaigns – Videos.
  10. Google Advertising Campaigns – Banners.
  11. Google Advertising Campaigns – Videos.
  12. YouTube Advertising Campaigns – Videos.
  13. Facebook Advertising Campaigns – Videos.
  14. Facebook Advertising Campaigns – Banners.
  15. Listings on RealEstate.com.au & Domain.com.au plus 8 Australian property listing websites.This is to drive additional prospective buyers, yet these services do not allow to work with specific demographic groups.
  16. Apartment’s “For Sale” local signs- this is only to help prospective buyers with local navigation and yet to attract someone who is local and not Internet user.
  17. A4 Flyers to Advertise Property For Sale – Local Distribution.


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