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7 reasons why people buy apartments in Southport.

Do you have an apartment and thinking of selling? Or want to know why people buy apartments in Southport before you are going to buy yours?

Southport offers established houses, luxury next to water architecturally unique homes and wide options of apartments to choose from, many properties located in Southport have spectacular Broadwater views for residents to enjoy. Southport is only six kilometers from Surfers Paradise. It is the biggest suburb on the Gold Coast in  QueenslandAustralia. 

  1. Proximity this is the first reason why people buy apartments in Southport. It’s close to everything from here. You name and you have it only a few hundreds of meters away. It is an absolutely beautiful suburb with everything you need.
  2. There is a myriad of cafes, restaurants, and takeaways ready to indulge all food gurus. For many, this is why people buy apartments in Southport. For those who are seeking to socialize and enjoy gourmet food, this is the suburb to be.
  3. Southport is very green and leafy and if you have a dog there is always a spot your pet would enjoy.
  4.  A suburb with the state significance. If you don’t know Southport is the heart of business district of the Gold Coast.  There are over 8,000 businesses in the suburb.  In the Southport’s commercial center there is the Gold Coast district court. Famous Australia’ Fair shopping center as well as the new Chinatown district. Keep in mind the Governor of Queensland’s summer residence was originally located in the area. The Gold Coast’s Historical Society and Sporting hall of fame are located at Owen Park. Even this is not a good enough reason why people buy apartments in Southport.

     The most populated suburb with almost 30,000 people

  5. Southport has the largest populations out of all the suburbs on the Coast with almost 30,000 people. For the Gold Coast, Southport is the oldest suburb with numerous absolutely magnificent gardens, parklands, and mature trees which help to create amazingly beautiful streetscapes.
  6. There are modern recreational facilities and the aquatic playground with multiple of activities in the area such as swimming, boating, and fishing. For extreme lovers, there are water-skiing as well as para-sailing and even bungee jumping if you really want to play hard with your nerves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Majority of Southport residential properties are classic-style homes. If you are looking to purchase a luxury residence there are some very attractive prestige homes along the banks of the Nerang River. Interestingly even high-end homes have a mix of origins some of them had been renovated to the extent so that now we see those houses as beautiful expensive architecturally attractive buildings, while others were built classy and unique from the ground up.
  7. On the top of many schools and child care centers, there are two most prestigious schools: TSS prestigious boy’s college and Hilda’s Anglican college for girls. If you have kids this alone should explain why people buy apartments in Southport. Simply because you want your kids to succeed in life and this is why you want them to go to the best possible schools.

Australia Fair

Southport is the home of Griffith University and the new University Hospital is right at Parkwood.  Southport is famous for medical services with more than 200 medical specialists.  There are two large hospitals in the area.  The Southport Hospital is the largest regional hospital in Queensland.

Southport statistics

Total Population 28,314

Median Age 36

Average Household Size 2.1

Median House Price $552,000

Median Unit Price $393,000

Days on market 84

Median Unit rental price $370

Median House rental price $475

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