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6 Reasons to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties

“5 Reasons to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties” is about how to buy a few Gold Coast properties in a short period of time, keep them and become “financially free” using “Real Estate” fast track.

1st Reason to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties- Price

The first reason which makes Gold Coast property ownership attractive is PRICE. When it comes to property, price sets the scene and Gold Coast properties in fact – affordable.

Have you lately used one of these sites to check real estate prices in Australia? If the answer is “no” and you live in Sydney or Melbourne or even in Auckland- get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Since this article is written with one goal in mind – here is a tip- Domain is very popular in Sydney yet RealEstate is the site “to go” to in Brisbane.

The reason why one site has more listings then the other is due to the cost of “listing” a property. There are agencies in Australia which would list your property on Domain for free yet to list your property on Realestate the same listing would cost the owner $100. If you want to buy a property it always makes sense to start with Domain.

When it comes to buying real estate- price is the king- Right? The proof is in the pudding- right? Sure, lately one of my client’s “picked-up” an apartment for $90,000 (Freehold). Situated right in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Similar properties provide $340 weekly rental returns. Surely you have to deduct Body Corporate and Council’s fees…May I ask you – can you find a property for a similar price let’s say somewhere in New Zealand? You might be lucky in Bluff I guess…

How do I know about this property? I was the highest bidder on the auction 🙂 The room was full of people savoring for a bargain yet the lot was sold as two apartments in one lot. If however, no buyer would have bought two together the apartments were going to be sold separately. In short, my buyer bought both…

2nd Reason to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties- Demand

Growing property demand due to the population growth. That’s right – this is where you can use “capital appreciation”. Personally capital gain is the last of my consideration- I prefer cash positive properties and I’m happy to pay tax. If you disagree – show me a successful business which operates only on capital gain…no? Exactly- positive cashflow properties is the only way to accumulate wealth. Yet capital appreciation (gain) is a very nice “add-on” to have 🙂

3rd Reason to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties- Yield

High rent. As an investor, you always want to maximize your returns. High rent combined with a relatively low purchase price allows you to have a higher yield. Not to mention low-interest rates. If you want to know how to calculate “yield” on your investment property please check this link.

4rt Reason to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties – Liquidity

If you talk to any financial guru out there you would always discuss – Liquidity. Often real estate compared to shares explaining that’s -you can sell shares fast yet with real estate you have to wait till you find a right buyer. The question here is – what do you think happens to price when you want to sell something fast? You guessed it right- it goes down. In real estate terms, liquidity means a number of days a property stays on the market before it gets sold. Would you agree if you put a property on the market for a right price it always gets sold FAST. I mean, how can you sell an overpriced property? If you price your property right – you find a willing buyer straight away.

5th Reason to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties – Variety

May I ask you? If you were to buy a Gold Coast investment property would you choose:

a) A house

b) An apartment

c) A studio

d) A house with a minor dwelling on the site

The point with this reason is to make you think about a variety of option Gold Coast have to offer for a property investor and TA-DA all of them are affordable.

5th Reason to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties – Potential

When I say potential here – I mean something like this:

Imagine you bought a house with good enough Gold Coast location. The section your house is situated on is big enough to build a minor dwelling – which means 2 income streams.

Second example: Imagine you bought a house with good enough Gold Coast location. The section of your house is big enough for a subdivision- this means you can have two separate titles and even sell one house.

Third example: Let’s make it even more complicated. For this example let’s agree that you only want to buy apartments. You buy a run-down apartment, renovate it using a reputable crew of builders and as the result, you have a fresh looking almost new apartment in the heart of Gold Coast for a very discounted price.

If you wonder how is this possible  – we help you to find a real estate worth to investment yet we prefer to have a discussion first to understand your goals.

6th Reason to Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties- The Partnership

People prefer to do business with people they like- right? Yet may I add something to it? What if the “likeability” is sprinkled with potential profit? I mean would you like the partnership we offer more since you know we help you to make more money?

Now it’s time to explain how we work:

  1. We seek properties with potential. It can be highly discounted properties due to their condition (in need of major renovation) or due to personal circumstances the owners are in- I mean people do die, divorce and occasionally get themselves so much debt that the only way out is to sell.
Buy Gold Coast Investment Properties - Renovate means to ADD value

A house in the middle of renovation

  1. We advertise and we help our owners to resolve their situation fast. As a result, we have plenty of properties coming to us – yet we can only buy as many as we can manage- and the surplus we have we offer to you.
  2. This is our business – meaning we are not doing it for the sake of “feel good” – we offer those properties with backed up information why we think – this particular property is good. For example: – “on this one you can add a minor dwelling or here you can add a room or  “a granny-flat” and the list of “adding value” features go on and on- properties have potential due to uniqueness.
  3. Our properties typically never hit “Multi-Listing” websites and sold to new owners – fast. Time helps both sides- our owners and our buyers.
  4.  We only work with people ready to buy. Investors who are committed. In our view, the best way to show your commitment is to pay a small amount of money for the privilege of being on the list of buyers. This is how it works: We schedule a discussion with you to find out your preferences – for instance, you want to buy houses yet want to keep an eye on apartments as well.

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SMSF Investment Property Loan Residential

Have you ever thought about why 99.99% of lawyers and accountants have SMSFs? Yet when it comes to people like you and me they always mention cost? If you want to know how to create your SMSF and buy an investment property watch the video below. This video is about how an SMSF can borrow money from a bank. In my view, SMSF is a great property investment tool which allows you to control your retirement funds by directly investing in real estate.

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