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Gold Coast Best Property Management team comparison

Let’s compare what makes Gold Coast Best Property Management team. Some could say professionalism, others experience and possibly knowledge. Yet we think there is a lot more to take into consideration.

We want to be Gold Coast Best Property Management team

The Gold Coast Best Property Management team at your service

In our case, we have rental properties ourselves. We know from experience what makes good property managers good, what makes them average and what makes them the best. Can I ask you something right from the beginning – would you be happy with an average? I mean after all – who wants to have an average something? Imagine an average car, an average marriage or even an average health… sad right?

Gold Coast Best Property Management team is not your average bunch of people

Would you agree a bad property manager can cost you as my grandma used to say “an arm & a leg” meaning a bad one can cost you and your family a lot of money? In comparison, a good one can help you to increase your wealth by looking after your assets. We hope this is exactly what you want right?

Real Estate investing is a very slow business unless you find people who help you to build a team. Your property investment team is led by you. You are the “commander and chief”. You make a decision to invest and your team makes your vision a reality.

This is exactly what makes our Gold Coast Best Property Management team the best fit for you. We help you to grow. This article has a few stories to for you, so get yourself comfy and enjoy it.

Compare property management

How do you look after your assets?

Please don’t hesitate to reach us. Just complete a contact form on this website and let us know what you do and what is your goal in life or for property investment. We have local Australian clients as well as people from many other interesting places this planet has. We love to work with New Zealanders, Russians, Japanese and Ukrainians. Our clients live in the USA, China, and Canada.

Gold Coast Best Property Management team composition as an addition to your own

Your team includes a mortgage broker, a lawyer, an accountant, a property manager and a local realtor. All of them must have the desire to succeed, otherwise, they became average, mediocre and this can drag you down.

Would you want to surround yourself with people who genuinely want to help you to grow and be wealthy? This is your Gold Coast Best Property Management team.

Imagine, your trusted realtor calls you one morning, texts you or emails you to say that there is a good, affordable piece of real estate with a lot of potentials. Subsequently, you contact your mortgage broker or your financial adviser to “start the ball rolling” to get a mortgage.

Did I mention that your team can work for you from a couple of countries at least? I mean your trusted realtor and a property management team are located on the Gold Coast. Your lawyer can be in Sydney or even in Auckland. Your accountant can be in India and your mortgage broker can be somewhere in Australia.

Once your bank approves a new mortgage for you and your realtor helps you to secure a contract with the property owners. You start to work with your property manager, in the meantime, your lawyer helps you to decide which form of entity you better use to acquire this property.

Your property manager helps you to submit an application to the local council for a building permit expression of interest- meaning by the end of the exercise you know how much it would cost you to build an additional dwelling on the property.

The settlement day

By the settlement day, you have already submitted a credit line loan application with your mortgage adviser and an application for a building permit. In the meantime, your property manager has already secured a 12 months contract with your prospective tenants. The contract clearly explains that there’s going to be a building erected and if your tenants want they can move in being the first in the new house.

Two houses means two incomes

Adding a second stream of income

Your tenants are literally ready to move in once you are. You might want to garnish the place to make them feel at home. After all, if you look after your tenants they pay for your way up. Your debt is going to be paid by your tenants- you have your moral obligation to make them happy.

Gold Coast Best Property Management helps property investors to grow number of income streams by doors

Gold Coast Best Property Management helps you to build your portfolio

Every house has a front door. A front door of a property investment represents a stream of income. Many streams form a river. How big is your river?

A timeframe

In about six month time from that morning call, or text or the email from your realtor you already have multiple income streams. The property you obtain has two dwellings, the new one with a granny flat making it “three doors” investment property.

Did I mention that you only pay stamp duty once? Or should I mention the fact that you might yet work full time in your office? All of the above- the story I have just provided you with is only possible due to the fact that you have surrounded yourself with people amalgamated with one single goal- they want you to succeed. You are the person who pays them all and they do appreciate it.


Let’s examine how you pay for your property investing team. Your lawyer gets his or her fees once the title is in your name. Even better your mortgage broker gets his pay from your bank. Your realtor by the people who want to sell the house in the first place. The property manager essentially by your tenants, surely it comes out of your gross rental payments yet if a property gets a very high yield due to the fact that you have three income streams it changes everything.

The story of Gold Coast Best Property Management team

Would you want us to show you what sets our team apart? I mean before I do it – let me tell you how we come up with an idea of writing this article. We want to address people like you. Our goal is to show you Gold Coast Best Property Management team and help you to make a decision to use our services.

Would you want to see that we have the same vision and the same values? Share same love to property investment and we know if we help you to build your portfolio, in turn, you would provide us with enough work.

We contacted five of our property investors – five due to the fact that the number easily allows making 100% meaning each and every property investor represents 20% or one fifth.

We ask our property investors following questions:

Why should you choose our team?

Our property managers have a limited number of properties to look after. It allows us to provide you Mr& Mrs landlord with the highest level of service.

Most importantly we look after your tenants as if they were ours. We recognize the fact that these people pay us to look after them. They pay you and you pay us – both parties are extremely important for us. Let me make it clear here: – your tenants represent yours & our income. I mean literally speaking a box of ice cream my kids have in the fridge is paid by you and your tenants.

Remember the movie “Love Actually”? The same story applies – love is everywhere. Our kids love ice-cream and therefore we love you and your tenants. As long as we do our job right we have a box of ice cream in the fridge.

Your tenants OUR responsibility

We work with your tenants. Occasionally it means we work 24 hours. Let me provide you with a story of our property investors. When she was telling me her story she was nearly crying initially with anger and later by the end of the story with joy.

This very smart and sophisticated lady was employing a property manager, who would finish her day at 5 PM, start at 9 AM with Saturday and Sunday off. Sounds typical so far?

Cutting the loose ends

It took three months to find a new tenant. New tenants were found by the property investor. She had to take the agency of her property manager due to such a long period of vacancy. Run an advertising campaign in the local paper for a week. Two days later new tenants moved in.

When our property investor was answering phone calls from prospective tenants she wanted to make viewing convenient for her tenants. This means showing her property after 6 PM including Saturdays and Sundays. After all this investor wanted to lease her property out. Would you agree – a majority of good tenants work, have kids and want to live their lives with a minimum of disruption?

Interference makes tenants move from one house to another and this makes landlords unhappy. Yet tenants want to look at properties after work, sometimes on weekends and frankly, some of them do not have good credentials.

In our opinion, a property manager should be able to spot good tenants. Think of it as the sixth sense, like a border control dog can smell bad guys. Occasionally it can even mean that a tenant can be someone with bad credit history. Read this Washington Times article about Donald Trump. Bad credit does not mean much as long as the person has changed or at least want to change. Often it can even mean higher rental payments for your property.

Tenants from HELL and some landlords from Heaven

There is one more horror story from a different property investor. According to him, this was a changing point to start using property managers. His tenants moved in, our investor could not check their credit history due to the fact that tenants were from a small country in the Pacific.

Three months later when our landlord came to check the property to his surprise he discovered a huge hole in the backyard lawn.  The hole was to accommodate some food cooking activities. After all, we all can be different.

Our landlord was “slightly” upset to find his property in such bad condition. The lawn looked like no one was taking any care of it for a long hot summer at least. The grass was dead-yellow and even dirt has a few cracks. The whole backyard reminded him of Normandy landings looked like during the war. He genuinely felt a “need” to raise his concern with the tenants who were not happy with the fact that someone questioned their cooking & gardening skills.

Imagine the whole situation, a mad with anger landlord and stubborn tenants. Luckily for the landlord, they did not finish their conversation in the police station, he managed to chill himself off.

To make the story short, tenants fall behind their rental payments and finished it all off with a “runner”, leaving our landlord with a ruined backyard, a hole in the ground and a tenancy tribunal case. From that time our property investor uses property managers for all his properties.

Reports by Gold Coast Best Property Management team include

Our landlords receive property reports every three months and even often if there is something to address in the property. We just simply ask tenants permission to take a few property photos and run it as an “in between” report. By doing so we ensure our tenants are happy and landlords are well informed. We take lots of photos and videos of your property.

For our landlords we monitor rental market in any given suburb, meaning if your house is situated in Broadbeach our report is going to provide an overview of the rental property market in Broadbeach. By addressing rental information in our reports we help our investors to get more money or to make timely decisions. For instance, Coomera QLD- this popular suburb attracts a lot of Kiwi investors due to location and price. The suburb is located between the Gold Coast and Brisbane yet is considered to be a part of the Gold Coast.

Hundreds of houses are getting build in the suburb subsequently decreasing rentals. What needs to be taken into consideration is the new Westfield is due to open doors in 2018 and this is going to create jobs in the area.

Rent recommendations

For landlords in Coomera, we recommend to keep the same amount of rent or in some circumstances even to lower it. The logic for lowering rent is based on the following view:-  if the tenants stay for a long time. From our perspective if tenants proved themselves good why would you want them to think about moving? I mean if they move the house they would move due to the fact that a house across the street is cheaper and new. This means if rental fees are lowered, they save on moving cost. Yet once new shopping mall is build rents are going up.

$8 hose story

Before we wrap it up, allow me to provide you with one more story. The story slightly relates to property investment decisions. This story is about risk. Would you agree once you have an investment property you as a landlord run a risk of being sued for negligence? Or even worse if something happens to your property you can lose a chunk of money and be even forced to sell.

first floor

$8 hose erupted

I don’t know the actual reason why but many bad accidents happen during the time when people either at work or during a night time. This story took place at night. Our tenant wakes up to a nature call, walks through a corridor to the bathroom without realizing that his feet are wet, most likely due to deep sleep or due to the fact that he had a few before going to sleep.

House flooding

the second floor is covered with water

Anyway, once the door to the bathroom is wide open he sees a stream of water coming from under the sink area. The lights are turned on, his wife wakes up to the screams – the entire second floor is flooded. Soaked wet GIB is hanging on the screws. It is unknown for how long was the water running, yet it basically got from the second-floor bathroom to the floor in the garage creating a few sizable pools of water.

House insurance “Tenanted”

We immediately called the insurance company claims department. Luckily for us in this instance, the company has 24 hours claims department. Everything got on track and contractors started to arrive at the house. By 5 AM the house had a full set of blowers, air-conditioners, and other equipment. All the machinery to make the house dry again.

The house was deemed to be unsafe. The tenants were advised to move out of the house. To their joy, the insurance company had agreed to pay for a 4-star hotel in the area. Kids were happy with the pool and parents with a sudden paid-for getaway in the hotel.

It took almost a week to make the house safe for the tenants to move back. Following few weeks to repair every other part of the house. The cause of the disaster was $8 hose.

Landlord insurance- Should you have it?

The moral of this story is to make to ensure your insurance policy is going to respond if something goes wrong. Check your insurance policy or ask someone with insurance knowledge to check all grey areas of the policy wording for you.

Please check this page for additional services we provide to help you to look after your investment property.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please get in touch and let us look after your property. Read more detailed information about property management we provide- click here. If you have more then two property to look after we can provide you with an additional discount to help you. Please note as we have discussed above – more properties you have is better for all of us. We want to help you to have at least hundreds.

Thank you for taking your time to learn what makes the Gold Coast Best Property Management team.

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