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Gold Coast Free Apartment Marketing

Would you want to Sell Your Apartment with “Paid For” or Free Apartment Marketing? Literally – we SELL your apartment and PAY for ALL your apartment marketing expenses.

This is exactly what you can get today. This service is for owners like you who want to pay for results only. There is no risk, there is no “catch” and there no small print.

Let me explain how it works:

Gold Coast Free Apartment Marketing (example)

You provide us with your apartment address. We to provide you with a comparable market appraisal of your apartment or unit.

We establish a current market asking price for your apartment. Typically it is not an exact figure – it is a price variable, for instance, we think that your apartment in the current condition can be sold for $1,500,000. Our opinion is based on the local market knowledge, hard market data and historical sales in the suburb and the building your apartment or a unit is located.

We complete all necessary documents (Form 6) to allow us to market your apartment. Our service fee is explained and both parties sign Form 6. Our service fee is only charged once your apartment is SOLD.

We recommend an asking price strategy. This is typically based on your personal circumstances, there are many reasons why people sell and its in our view your personal matter – yet we prefer to know your time frame for the sale of your apartment. If you are not in a hurry and want to get as much as possible- we start with a very ambitious price and adjust it accordingly to incoming offers. If on the other hand, you want to sell ASAP we offer your apartment to our existing buyers and create marketing campaigns communicating urgency. Once offers start to come in we lift the price to the point of your comfortable amount of money – this usually means that you get even more then you expected.

Why do we offer Free Apartment Marketing

The reason we offer Free Apartment Marketing is simple- it helps us to position our team better to compare to other agents on the Gold Coast market. Most importantly we know how to market apartments. Please check the list of professionals in our team (click here) to understand what makes us better to compare to others. In short, we are marketing professionals who sell real estate on the Gold Coast. We list to SELL and we advertise aggressively making sure your apartment marketing campaigns create massive awareness to subsequently create a multiple offers situation.

Would you agree, marketing expenses to sell an apartment can be very high and often means thousands of dollars? We remove this obstacle (of paying for) from your shoulders, we came up with our Free Apartment Marketing offer. There is no cost to you – we take all risk of selling your apartment. Since we are so confident with our marketing knowledge – we are absolutely sure we can sell your apartment and even pay for marketing. Our service is paid by the commission amount you pay us. We see it as an opportunity, an opportunity to SELL your apartment with our FREE (paid by us) marketing.

We charge a very competitive service fee for selling your apartment and we want your apartment SOLD (yesterday).

Now you can put your apartment on the market without spending any money. We market your apartment or unit in order to achieve the best possible price. Most importantly your apartment or unit is going to be marketed with the best available tools and on the best marketing platforms and channels.

10 Australian property listing websites  for your Free Apartment Marketing

We advertise your apartment on all 10 Australian property listing websites- all FREE of Charge.

Once we start work together we are going to market Your Apartment. Our highly skilled team of digital marketing professionals is going to create all advertising materials. We have dedicated designers, video marketers and IT  professionals in our team – all these guys are going to work on one single goal – get the highest possible amount of money for your apartment in the shortest period of time.


Your Free Apartment Marketing Package includes 5 Marketing Channels

The best offer on the market: Free Apartment Marketing Package

We have designed your Free Apartment Marketing Package specifically to achieve the only goal – to sell your apartment for the highest amount of money.

No more excuses- Now, You can sell your apartment and save thousands of dollars on marketing. Literally, sell your house without spending any money on advertising. Please complete the form below and one of our team members is going to be in touch with you soon.

We guarantee your satisfaction and SALE of your apartment. We always aim at 10%  above market price.

If on the other hand, you only want to know your house market value please click here to request a free property appraisal.

Your Free Apartment Marketing Package includes:

  1. 12 Professional Photos of Your Property up to 25 pieces
  2. 2 Property Videos (One for Google & Yahoo and the second to use for Facebook Advertising)
  3. 3 Advertising Banners for Google & Yahoo – we use photos of your apartment
  4. 3 Advertising Banners for Facebook Advertising
  5. 2 Yahoo Advertising Campaigns – Banners
  6. 3 Yahoo Advertising Campaigns – Video
  7. 4 Google Advertising Campaigns – Banners
  8. 2 Google Advertising Campaigns – Video
  9. 4 YouTube Advertising Campaigns – Video
  10. 3 Facebook Advertising Campaigns – Video
  11. 2 Facebook Advertising Campaigns – Banners
  12. Listings on RealEstate.com.au & Domain.com.au plus 8 Australian property listing websites.
  13. 2 Apartment For Sale Signs
  14. 300 A4 Flyers to Advertise Property For Sale – Local Distribution

This Package is Valued at $6,000 and Designed to help Gold Coast apartment Owners To Sell their apartments. This Offer is Limited “First in-First-Served” basis.

Take advantage today- offers like ours don’t come often- this offer is going to put your apartment in a better marketing position to compare to the most expensive property marketing campaigns in Australia. Due to one single reason – we employ a team of dedicated Internet Marketers.

The idea behind our offer is to provide an equal opportunity to all Gold Coast apartment Owners. We retain our rights to say “No” if Your apartment is not suitable for this offer. Alternatively is out of “normal” apartment criteria. This offer is for on the Gold Coast apartments.

If we think that your asking price is too ambitious and we will not be able to deliver a timely result- we still agree to take your apartment on board for sale yet we do let you know what we think about your price expectations. If we think your apartment price is too expensive – we tell you that.

We sell apartments on the Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise Free Apartment Marketing

Surfers Paradise Free Apartment Marketing

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