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Main Beach Apartments

Main Beach Apartments – what makes them valuable?

When you start to think about Main Beach apartments a few points come into mind. Did you know Main Beach was originally called Southport East? It is a wealthy beachside suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

Main Beach is an oceanside suburb.  This relaxed community of locals create an outstanding atmosphere- once you are here you feel welcome and at home. It is normal to bump into your neighbor at a café and according to some a “housewives location”.

When you walk along the beach, there are plenty of people whom you see here walking every day. Main Beach is surrounded by water. The Broadwater in the north. The Nerang River to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

Main Beach Apartments a weekend home destination

Main Beach is well known to be a second home destination for local celebrities.  Many of Australia’s wealthy personalities prefer to have a second property right here and most of the times it is an apartment. Its desirability simply means there is always a high demand for Main Beach real estate and generally outweighs supply, keeping prices high.

If you happen to live in the center of Brisbane for example and thinking about a second home location Main Beach is picture-perfect for a weekend house or an apartment. It’s only a 45-minute enjoyable drive from Brisbane’s CBD.

Let’s discuss what makes Main Beach a place to live in or at least to spend almost every weekend. There are plenty of high-class restaurants right on Tedder Ave.

There are The Yacht Club and Surf lifesaving club.

Summer accommodation

If you are into shopping there is plenty of high class up marketplaces to check out at Marina Mirage. While ladies enjoy themselves in Marina Mirage, gentlemen can buy & enjoy the best by the world standards prawns and fresh seafood right from the local trawlers conveniently located at the fishermen’s co-op located at Main Beach.

Main Beach and Surfers Paradise only a stroll away

An additional advantage of Main Beach apartments is location. If you to live in Main Beach then Surfers Paradise is really an easy walk away. Or even a run either along the beach or by the excellent local walkway. There is a really beautiful park neighboring to the lifesaving club with plenty of excellent BBQ facilities and modern well-equipped kids playgrounds.

Apartments Surfers Paradise

Luxury Apartments Surfers Paradise

The properties price of real estate on Main Beach is not as volatile to compare to the market in Surfers Paradise.  Main Beach is truly suburb for owner occupiers if you look at the ownership statistics.

Main Beach was not that affected by the selloff activity and subsequent price decrease of units which happened in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

Watch this space- if the proposed area development for  Spit and for an ocean terminal as well a boutique casino is going ahead as planned at the Spit – property is going to become extremely attractive at Main Beach and prices are going to increase significantly.

This area looks like a long finger of land sandwiched between the Broadwater and ocean known as The Spit. It’s a perfect spot for a lazy day to enjoy outdoor and the sun, offering calm-beautiful water and beaches, good fishing and stress-free mooring for boats and the owners. There is a landmark there our iconic Sea World theme park and hotel. This ocean beach is very popular with board riders who enjoy the open shore breaks.

Population of 3,496

Median Age


Average Household Size


Median House Price


Median Unit Price


Days on the market


Median house rental price

$643 p/week

Median unit rental price

$500 p/week


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