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8 Advantages of selling your Gold Coast apartment over Christmas

Let us discuss all 8 Advantages of selling your Gold Coast apartment over Christmas in this post.

Don’t be afraid of selling your Gold Coast apartment as Xmas jingles start to play.

  1. “This shop is closed”. Many agents close up their shops and have a break, people get distracted with presents and parties for a while, and let’s face it… most of us are thinking about losing weight.
  2.  No competition. This is the best part of “8 Advantages of selling your Gold Coast apartment over Christmas” story – there is literally no competition for you if you put your apartment for sale.
  3. Fewer apartments for inspections means more buyers for your apartment. Buyers are buyers and when you are looking for an apartment- this is what you do “day in and day out”. For you Mr & Mrs seller it means since there is a lot less competition on the market there are a lot more buyers if you are selling your Gold Coast apartment.
  4.  More time. Buyers possibly the busiest group of people during this time of year. Due to the fact that on the top of their everyday needs and wants like everyone else they are yet looking for an apartment to buy. The best part for them is now they have more time due to off-work time.
  5. Holiday time schedules make viewing lots of apartments a breeze. As workload and commitments slow down big time all motivated buyers have much more time to search for their dream apartments.
  6. Wrap it up. Not surprisingly, they are fewer apartments on the market over Christmas and New Year due to a simple reason – real estate salespeople are in fact people and want to be with their families and friends- take advantage – list with someone who is willing to work. Think about this- motivated buyers have fewer houses to look at yet even an apartment can be a Xmas present.
  7. Happiness. Less work and more fun time make people generally feel better and happier. For you dear homeowners it means more money due to the fact that happy people usually pay more. Would you agree when you are happy you feel OK with spending more – right? Xmas makes all buyers happy, they’re in a better mood to negotiate and pay you more. Most importantly your apartment is in the best condition – it shines with happiness and celebration as well.
  8. It is show time and “a show must go on”. Think about all those sales during Xmas time. Why big shopping malls have so many sales on? The reason is simple it is a holiday time and when people don’t work – they spend money. Why not adopt the same approach?

Selling your Gold Coast apartment over Christmas can make it a present

Starting a new year and saying “thank you” to the previous one makes most people reflect on what happened through the year. People tend to think about what they did and didn’t do. Think about new goals and dreams. Recollect all New Year’s resolution list from last year.

Celebration time. Depending on where you come from,  suburb you live in and how you decorate your home for Xmas. Keep in mind some people do not celebrate Xmas others do it on a different day. Think about Chinese New Year – it is yet to come.

Make buyers kids help you with selling your Gold Coast apartment over Christmas

If your target market with your home is families, you can tastefully dress up your apartment and make it look absolutely gorgeous. Think about Coca-Cola’s truck for instance- this is a perfect example of how to decorate something that is too far from being even slightly relevant. Make your apartment to look like it lives and breathes celebrations. Make it look the perfect family place for Christmas.

Aim to make buyers get emotional over the holidays with your apartment. Make it stuck in their minds. After all, it is hard to beat something out of a human mind once someone likes it.

Let Santa deliver a couple of perfect buyers for your home – competition is always good for the owner. If you want to find out how much your apartment worth is today market, please use service of Property Appraiser.

If you want help to get your apartment ready for SALE please check this page about our value-adding services.

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