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We buy Gold Coast Apartments and Units

We buy Gold Coast Apartments and units and never condition our offer to finance. Our offer is always CASH. Would you want to sell your Gold Coast apartment today? We buy Gold Coast Apartments and units for cash despite the condition of your apartment or your situation. It’s that simple you want to sell and we want to buy.

Need to Move FAST?

Would you agree with selling your apartment directly makes sense?

Say “No” to real estate fees – this is typically between 3%-5% of the sale price.

No preparation – this could mean thousands of dollars today in order to get your apartment ready for sale.

If you don’t want to deal with your tenant say “No” to dealing with the current tenancy. Even No furniture disposal.

We buy Gold Coast Apartments and units as is and where it is – we buy Gold Coast Apartments and units in any location.


Thinking about selling your apartment?

Thinking about selling and want to know what would be the difference if you sell directly or what would be the amount you could potentially get on the open market? We provide a market comparison report to show why we think we can pay a certain amount of money today.

People sell their properties due to a myriad of reasons and we help our sellers to achieve the highest possible price. Once you complete the form below:

How Much is My Apartment?

Would you want to know how much can you get for your property today? Even if you are only thinking about selling and have not made the final decision yet we encourage you to call us.

Call us to discuss your property and to find out how you can sell today without spending months of your life to get the property ready for the market.

Cash Buyers for Gold coast Apartments

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We buy Gold Coast Apartments and Units

Many real estate salespeople employ “overinflated” property valuation method. Meaning, realtors intentionally value properties higher in order to get your listing. Once you get excited with the prospective sale price and sign all listing documents you then have to pay for advertising. Typically to advertise a property on major Australian websites can cost you about $1,500. If you want to check advertising price click on the following links Realestate  or Domain.

Usually, after a few weeks of your property being on the market, you are going to be told that there are not many buyers. The market is slow and if you really want to sell you have to slash the price. Keep in mind your real estate person gets his cut anyway.

If you want to avoid all meaningless realtors’ discussions and ready to sell your apartment today please get in touch.

We buy Gold Coast Apartments and units and guarantee fair and real market price. Complete the form below and we call you right now.

What makes our Offer The Best Offer

Why do we buy Gold Coast Apartments and units? In order to grow our investment portfolio we buy Gold Coast apartments and after refurbishment, we put them back as rentals.

We buy Gold Coast Apartments and units in any condition. If you have an extremely tired apartment or unit we are happy to offer a fair cash today.

Are you in a situation that requires you to sell your apartment or unit fast? Get in touch now and lets us check your property today to come up with a fair cash offer.

Do you have a property to sell due to probate? We buy Gold Coast Apartments and units and work with all involved parties.

We are here to help if you want to sell fast contact us now.

Our promise to you:

No matter what your situation is – we can help you by buying your property today. Call now or complete the form.

We buy Gold Coast Houses in any condition

Sell Your property in any condition

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